white water rafting gatlinburg

Gatlinburg White Water Rafting

white water rafting gatlinburgThose who have been on a Gatlinburg white water rafting trip consider themselves fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience. Rafting on the Pigeon River provides an astonishing opportunity to explore the Great Smokey Mountains from a totally different angle. The Pigeon River shoreline along the Smokey Mountains combined with its luscious natural landscaping make each rafting trip one that will likely never be forgotten. So secure your Pigeon Forge cabin and come enjoy the river!

Tennessee white water rafting trips can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The Pigeon River is a dam controlled river that is famous for its class 1 to class 5 rapids on the upper portion of the river. The lower portion of this river is known for its class 1 to class 2 rapids that are perfect for beginners and families with young children. Though the upper portion of the river has stronger rapids beginners can safely enjoy the experience when a rafting guide is present.

The best way to enjoy a rafting experience is to participate in a guided trip. There are several rafting tour guide businesses located in Gatlinburg that provide all of the necessary raft rental equipment. These rafting outfitters also provide an experienced rafting guide upon request. A rafting trip can be dangerous for even those who are experienced so having a guide along makes the adventure much safer.

The cost of a guided rafting tour and equipment is surprisingly affordable and should be booked in advance to ensure availability. White water rafting in Gatlinburg is one of the most popular outdoor activities and most rafting businesses stay rather busy. Most local Gatlinburg rafting businesses are reputable and well known for providing rafters with the latest, safest, and best equipment available for this sport.

There are a few things that rafters need to do before beginning their unforgettable white water rafting experience. It is important for rafters to be prepared for their rafting adventure; first and foremost rafters need to dress appropriately for the occasion. Wearing loose clothing such as a T-shirt and shorts over a bathing suit is considered appropriate. It is important to wear water shoes, sandals with straps, or the tying of type tennis shoes. For their personal safety rafters should never wear flip flops or other similar types of shoes

Carrying along items that are not needed is generally prohibited by rafting guides. Loose items can cause injuries as well as damage to a raft. Preparing for an exciting trip such as this is fairly easy and always pays off. Many of the rafting companies offer their clientele the opportunity to purchase pictures of their trip. These pictures enable rafters to boast about their amazing white water rafting experience upon returning home.

Pictures of a thrill seeking adventure such as rafting always become a special part of family photo collections that are treasured for life. Most families cherish their Tennessee rafting pictures. They especially love the pictures taken of them working together as a team to maneuver their raft through strong rapids. Memories of rafting and peering down through crystal clear water at trout swimming above a collage of colorful rocks are forever etched in a rafter’s mind.

It is not uncommon for a rafter to gather a few pebbles with exquisite colors and shapes remind them of their rafting adventure. Rafting is quite likely one of the most treasured activities that Tennessee has to offer. Reserving a Gatlinburg white water rafting adventure is a great way to make a Tennessee vacation one that will never be forgotten.