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Alamo Steakhouse

In Tennessee, it truly is difficult to find a steakhouse that sticks out.  Tennessee and steakhouses come hand in hand, meaning there are tons of steakhouses on every corner pining for your attention. Some are absolutely delicious, but a premium has to be paid, while others just aren’t worth it—even though they are cheap. Overall, with such huge variation and selection, you have to be a truly great place to stand out from the crowd; fortunately, the Alamo Steakhouse does its part to separate itself from the other great steakhouses in the area and is a staple when you visit Gatlinburg.

alamo steahouse gatlinburgThe first thing you notice when you walk in from the parking lot is the fun, slightly cheesy, facade that makes up the entirety of the restaurant. Instead of taking the understated route, the owners of this restaurant decided to make the restaurant’s casing resemble the walls of the Alamo. Though some may find it a little over the top, it is truly a fun facade and labels it exactly what it is; a family friendly restaurant that everyone will feel at home in.

As for the food itself, there are definitely no complaints here. Everything, on the lunch and dinner menus both, is absolutely delectable. The Alamo New York Strip is one of the greatest steaks you will ever have, while the Fort Worth Chopped Steak—a town favorite—offers 1 pound of truly delicious chopped steak with mushrooms and onions, a meal that is big enough, and tasty enough, for two people.

However, it is the specialties that truly make this restaurant so amazing. The Steak, my personal favorite, is a 20 oz. behemoth of a Ribeye steak. It is prepared bone-in, making it even more delicious, and spiced so perfectly that any place would be hard put to offer a similar quality steak. Add in a Baked Grouper, for the fish lovers, and a host of other incredible entrees, and you get a steakhouse that is truly worth a visit.

alamo steakhouseThough this place is a bit pricier than other steakhouses, every penny is worth it, as each and every meal you have here will outpace anything most other restaurants can offer. If you are in Gatlinburg, the Alamo steakhouse is certainly a must-visit restaurant, so don’t forget it.