Guinness World Records Museum

downtown gatlinburg
September 30, 2013

Visitors looking for exciting Gatlinburg attractions need look no further than the fascinating Guinness World Records Museum! See astounding exhibits from the bizarre to the breathtaking and everything in between.

guinness museum

Featuring a variety of record holder memorabilia, natural wonders, and displays of incredible human achievement the Guinness world records museum is a must see for visitors of all ages. With exhibits in music, sports, nature, and so much more there’s certainly something to excite the curiosity of everyone at this museum.

There are over 1200 unique exhibits and that number is steadily growing with new wonders being added frequently. Attractions such as the famous Bat Mobile are a favorite for visitors of any age and of course any Batman fan. Sight-seers hungry for facts will be blown away by the amazing number of exhibits that bring life to all the achievements documented in the book and television show. Discuss the secrets of longevity of the oldest person in the world or marvel at the world’s heaviest person! Discover the fun and thrilling facts about nature and get a hands on learning experience that the classroom leaves out.

Sports fans will fall in love with the exhibits of their favorite athletes and the outstanding records they broke. Fans of the deep blue sea can see awe inspiring visuals of nature’s largest, fastest and most bizarre creatures and the ethereal world they inhabit. From the court to the depths of the oceans, travel upward pasts the clouds and view the brilliant, booming colors of the Universe and all its astonishing creations. After viewing the biggest and brightest stars come down to Earth and get really star struck by surprising facts about beloved celebrities and find out who really gets the most fan mail.

Ready to sit down and enjoy the records? Let the Guinness World’s Records Museum put on a fantastic show! The delightful animal show is also a must-see at this museum where every visitor can experience the wild wonderment of nature’s furry friends. The action show gives every visitor the opportunity to ride the records and the space show brings the mesmerizing beauty of the heavens to your fingertips.

The Guinness World Records museum isn’t just for looking either, it’s for exciting try-it-yourself action as well. Featuring loads of interactive games, visitors can challenge friends, family and even that special someone to fun and enthralling activities that will excite the mind and the senses. Test your knowledge of record holders with fun trivia games or compare your weight to the world’s fattest man! This makes the Guinness World’s Record Museum a fantastic destination for school trips and visitors with children that want to add a fun and educational stop on their exciting visit to Gatlinburg.

With so many unusual, startling, and entertaining exhibits every visitor leaves Guinness World Records Museum with a head full of new knowledge and a camera full of new memories to share with friends and family. Visit this exciting Gatlinburg Tennessee attraction today!