gatlinburg  aerial
September 30, 2013

Ripley’s Super Fun Zone in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is great place to try out the newest arcade games. Located directly on the Parkway just before traffic light #8, this convenient Gatlinburg attraction is open year round. A giant open storefront with both walls stacked high with plexi-glass candy containers make the entrance to the Ripley’s Super Fun Zone impossible to resist for kids of all ages.

As you walk into this great attraction, the smell of delicious candy welcomes you. These self-serve containers feature sweet and sour gummies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Choose a plastic bag and tie, and then fill it with your favorite taffy, gumballs, or sour heads. Wrapped candies like starburst are available as well as sweet tarts. Prices are listed per quarter pound, but careful; it is easy to be carried away! Bring your bags to the counter to have them weighed and to purchase your treats.


Exchange your dollars for the special Ripley’s Super Fun Zone golden tokens to operate any of the games in this arcade. Exchange machines are located throughout the building. Try the hottest new games, air hockey, or carnival style video games in the Gatlinburg area. They also keep a few classic machines like Galaga and Mrs. Pac Man. Spin a giant wheel to “fish” for tickets, or press a button to stop a twirling light on the number of tickets you could win. Play Deal or No Deal with up to two players and fantastic racing simulators. Try your skill at shooting baskets, throwing a football through a target, or Skee ball. Many of these video games are interactive, and all of them are in excellent working order.Ripley’s Super Fun Zone constantly changes out arcade games to feature the most popular. All of the machines give out reward tickets after each play that can be exchanged for prizes. Feed your tickets into the special counting machines located near the prize counter, after counting them, the machine will print out a receipt with your total number of tickets for the prize redemption. The prizes can be earned for as little as one ticket. Take your printed receipt to the redemption desk, and proceed with your choices. Small trinkets to large electronics are available for redemption.

This Gatlinburg attraction is a great way to step off the Parkway and cool off, or warm –up, depending on the weather. Ripley’s Super Fun Zone offers the excellent family fun we have come to expect from Ripley’s attractions. Well-maintained premises and games make this a really super fun zone, right in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee. During your next vacation in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, don’t forget to see what all the fun is about in this Super Fun Zone.