Your Guide to Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg TN

hillbilly golf in gatlinburg
August 3, 2023

Tennessee is a wonderful place to visit, especially with the numerous Gatlinburg attractions available to do while there. There are activities that cater to people of both genders and all ages, like mini golf! There are two, special 18-hole miniature golf courses located in the mountains above the city. These courses are located at the legendary Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg TN, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

What is Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg TN?

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Hillbilly Golf is one of the most popular mini golf courses in Gatlinburg! To reach the golf attraction, visitors must ride in an incline 300 feet above the city to the top of the mountain. This golf course is famous for its unique course set-up that uses anything from an outhouse, an old tractor, as well as an old fashioned covered wagon to create a challenging course of obstacles.

The courses are set on top of mountain terrain so there are hills to climb, corners to maneuver, and some of the most bizarre obstacles found in miniature golf. While playing the course visitors have an opportunity to see the beautiful foliage of the forest and the luscious plants that are indigenous to the mountains. Not many miniature golf courses can compete with the scenery, obstacles, and all out wacky fun found at Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg.

The owners of this golf course have went all out to make sure visitors get a feel of what it’s like being a hillbilly that plays golf. The scenery is of course that which will boldly display signs of folks that are backwards and live in the hills. After all what other miniature golf course is brave enough to use an outhouse obstacle as proudly as the Hillbilly Golf Course does?

Who Should Visit Hillbilly Golf?

The short answer — everyone! Out of all of the Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions, the Hillbilly Golf course happens to be one of the most exciting attractions for young children. Not only is the course wacky and fun while challenging at the same time, kids also love riding the fun incline ride high above the city. There are 18 challenging holes on both courses that make it fun for people of all ages. It’s also a great date night spot for both young and older couples!

Where is Hillbilly Golf?

Although visitors have to ride an incline rail to get to the courses at Hillbilly Golf, the official address is 340 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. Its convenient location in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg make it popular spot to visit for anyone exploring the city.

When is Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg Open?

Hillbilly Golf is a seasonal attraction in Gatlinburg. This popular mini golf course closes its doors each at the each November for the winter season. It reopens to everyone for the spring in early March.

Visit Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg TN


When planning a trip to Gatlinburg, pack hillbilly clothing and head on over to the Hillbilly Golf Course and blend right in with the course obstacles! There’s no doubt that you’ll have a blast enjoying all the hillbilly fun that this Gatlinburg mini golf course has to offer. Are you looking for more things to do while you’re in town? Take a look at some of our favorite Gatlinburg attractions!