Circus Golf – In Black Light 3D

Gatlinburg at night
September 30, 2013

circus golf

Something synonymous with attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is miniature golf. There are so many miniature golf courses that it’s almost impossible to walk a block or two without stumbling across one. So what sets one miniature golf course apart from another?

Well, it’s really a matter of taste. Some people prefer to play indoors, others prefer to play outdoors. Some might like a longer, more complicated course while others would rather have a shorter, simpler course. And while some might prefer a more standard, well lit course, others might be more intrigued by the unusual.

Circus Golf Gatlinburg in Black Light 3D is definitely unusual, and amidst a sea of competition, it offers a truly unique golfing experience.

There is, of course, the blacklight element. Everything looks a little surreal under blacklight, but those responsible for Circus Golf have taken this up a notch by adding a feature that has become extremely popular right now – 3D. After paying at the booth outside (this booth is for both the Circus Golf and the adjacent Amazing Mirror Maze), guests will receive the usual putter and golf ball, but they can also purchase a handy pair of 3D glasses.

Once inside, the eyes are delighted with a mixture of bright, cheerful colors and 3-dimensional imagery. Guests will wend their way from hole to hole, each one featuring a unique circus scene. Examples include dancing horses, an elephant, fun mirrors, the strong man, caged animals, and much more. There are stationary exhibits and animatronics that are both captivating and, at times, a bit eerie.

Some tips for guests thinking about braving the 3D world of miniature golf in Gatlinburg:

  • This Gatlinburg attraction is not for those with Coulrophobia (fear of clowns). In that same vein, very young children might get frightened by the dim interior and kooky, animated scenes.
  • The 3D glasses cost extra, but the course is equally enjoyable with or without them.
  • The actual flow of the course can be a bit confusing, so guests should pay attention to the numbering and try not to get lost. It’s also connected to The Amazing Mirror Maze; guests should not to let the mirrors mislead them into wandering into the wrong area.
  • The final hole is actually outside by the front booth where guests pay for admission, and landing this one will guarantee an entertaining surprise.

Any attraction in Gatlinburg can be found by the traffic light numbers, and this one is no exception. Circus Golf in Blacklight 3D can be found between traffic lights #8 and #9, across the street from the Gatlinburg Convention Center. Visitors who are not staying at a nearby hotel will need to find parking. To save money, guests can park at either the Welcome Center just before entering Gatlinburg on Highway 441 South or at the one on East Parkway at City Hall. From these locations, guests can ride the trolley for fifty cents into downtown Gatlinburg. Then it’s just another $10 for a ticket ($7 for children ages 3 to 9), and let the fun begin!