Top 5 Maze Attractions in the Smoky Mountains to Challenge Your Senses

hannah's mirror maze
May 5, 2021

When it comes to the unique maze attractions in the Smokies, getting lost has never been so much fun! This is your chance to see if you have the skills to navigate through a labyrinth of lasers, mirrors, and other obstacles to find your way to the exit! Here are the top 5 maze attractions in the Smoky Mountains to challenge your senses:

1. Gatlin’s Laser Maze Challenge

laser maze

Gatlin’s Laser Maze Challenge is a “Mission Impossible” style attraction where you have to find your way through a laser maze as quickly as possible without breaking a single beam! If you happen to break one of the highly sensitive laser beams, an alarm will sound, and you will be penalized with time added to your score! If you can master your skill at Gatlin’s Laser Maze Challenge, you might just land your name on the Top 10 Scoreboard! The game has 4 different skill levels to appeal to all ages, so bring the entire family for this unique adventure!

2. Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Another one of the top maze attractions in the Smoky Mountains is Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, which adds a twist to the traditional funhouse experience! The attraction features a storyline where Princess Hannah of Savannah has been lost in a maze of mirrors, and you are the only one who can save the royal beauty before it’s too late! Start your journey by braving Ugly Hetty’s vortex, dancing your way up the musical staircase, and crossing over the drawbridge into the maze. From there, work your way through 288 potential turns to find the exit to this unique interactive fairytale!

3. Amazing Mirror Maze

mirror maze

While exploring the streets of downtown Gatlinburg, you won’t want to miss the Amazing Mirror Maze! This is the largest mirror maze in town and features a state-of-the-art light show inside, as well as an exciting music soundtrack to get your adrenaline pumping! The maze is stroller and handicap accessible, and all ages are welcome to participate in the fun. While you can purchase individual tickets to the Amazing Mirror Maze, consider upgrading to the combo ticket that also includes the adjacent Circus Mini Golf course.

4. Laser Maze at The Island

You will find some of the best attractions in the Smoky Mountains at The Island in Pigeon Forge, including the spectacular Laser Maze. See if you can make it to the finish line in this tricky maze of lasers, but be careful because breaking a laser beam will cause you to lose valuable points! If you enjoy the Lazer Maze, check out the combo ticket where you can also experience The Island Mirror Maze, the Virtual Reality Arena, and the Bumper Cars.

5. Odyssey Mirror Maze

The Odyssey Mirror Maze is one of the thrilling attractions at MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge and takes mirror mazes to a whole new level. This mirror maze was completely redone in 2020 and features endless loops with dancing lights, jazzy carpet, and music to have you dancing down the corridors! While you can purchase individual tickets to the Odyssey Mirror Maze, the best deals are the combo tickets that add MagiQuest, Pirate Golf, and Adventure Arcade credits.

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