Ripley's Mirror Maze in Gatlinburg
September 30, 2013


There are so many Gatlinburg attractions that it can be difficult to determine what to do first. The best bet is to make a plan for all the Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions you want to see and schedule them into your time there so that you do not miss anything. Prioritize them in order of how badly you want to fit them in, and then scour for coupons and such. However, do not make the mistake of not having a combination of indoor and outdoor activities planned. The weather and the heat can wreak havoc on the best laid plans. This is where plan B comes into action.

There are a ton of indoor Gatlinburg attractions and the Amazing Mirror Maze Gatlinburg in not one to be missed. With a creative layout and a beautiful light show, even the youngest of your clan will be mesmerized and maybe a little confused. The confusion is all part of the fun. Visit anytime, but it is great to have on hand as a back-up plan for rainy or very hot days. The inside is climate controlled so you stay completely comfortable regardless what is going on outside. It is a nice reprieve from the crowds as well.


Adult tickets for ages 10 and older are $8.75 plus tax and child tickets for ages 3 to 9 are $6.75. However, there are combination tickets available for the mirror maze and Circus Golf that make for a great deal. These are $14 per adult and $10 per child. The maze generally takes from 10 to 15 minutes to complete, but it depends on how turned around you get in all the fun.

The Gatlinburg Amazing Mirror Maze is just one of the indoor, climate controlled Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions, but it one of the most loved. Rows of mirrors and beautiful lights lead the way, and with all the crazy mirrors is can become difficult to determine which way to go to get out of the maze, and if you get separated from your group that can become a challenge as well. But it is all in great fun and no one ever got lost inside forever. It is actually a treat to get to enjoy longer.

If a longer maze is more your style, or if you try it and want more, check out the newest mirror maze from the same folks in the next town. Whatever the case, never fear if you are walking along the strip and start to feel rain drops or begin to feel woozy from the heat. Simply step inside that Amazing Mirror Maze Gatlinburg and dry off or cool off. Then hit the strip again for a snack at one of the many eateries, or pick up a souvenir in one of the many quaint shops along the street.

The best way to enjoy as many of the Gatlinburg attractions as possible is to have a plan, and do not let the climate ruin that plan. Have plenty of indoor attractions on the list, and make sure the Gatlinburg Amazing Mirror Maze is one of them.