Farmers Market in Gatlinburg

gatlinburg farmers marketNothing pairs better with the crisp, clean Smoky Mountain air and living than farm fresh vegetables sourced locally at the Gatlinburg Farmers Market. When heading out to Gatlinburg for the weekend, make sure to add this to your “must do” list. The best way to get to know a culture is through your stomach and your stomach will love you after experiencing the best of what Gatlinburg has to offer!

With farmers markets becoming more and more popular, the hours have been extended this year from 8-11:30 with the season going from May 11 to October 12. By making your purchases at farmers markets instead of traditional grocery stores, you become a more responsible consumer and support local businesses and help cut down gas emissions since the products are not shipped off to other states. Additionally, the vegetables are more fresh, handled less, and don’t require much refrigeration as added benefits.

Located in the Alamo Steakhouse parking lot, this establishment is helping the local economy by providing the space to showcase the various goods that are available.

If you’re looking for fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, multiple vendors can be found with pesticide-free gardens. During the summer and autumn seasons you can expect cabbage, sweet corn, cucumbers, eggplants, salad greens, squash, and an entire booth dedicated to mushrooms. They take their fungi seriously.

gatlinburg farmers marketNot looking for leafy greens? Artisans bring everything from honey, bread, and cider to freshly made pastas and soaps. There is something for everyone!

Don’t forget to check out the market on the third Saturday of the month as there are various events including (but are not limited to) chef demonstrations, artist presentations, and local music.

As you plan your next weekend trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee by yourself or with your family, remember that you can enhance your own experience while also helping out the community by buying local and having a relationship with your food.

Erica Kuschel is half of the team at Over Yonderlust. When they aren’t out looking for new adventures across the world, they spend their time in their hometown- Austin, Texas.