The Peddler Steakhouse

peddler steakhouse gatlinburg tnSteakhouses are a dime-a-dozen in Tennessee, and sometimes it’s difficult to decide which is really worth the money. Fortunately, the Peddler Steakhouse in Gatlinburg Tennessee—the self-proclaimed “Gatlinburg’s Dining Tradition”—is a worthy addition to the host of steakhouses you’ll find in the area.

A modern-but-old-fashioned-seeming restaurant, the Peddler is constructed around the C. Earl Ogle Cabin, the home of a descendant of one of Gatlinburg’s first pioneer families. It’s also created using material from other original home sites used to complete the structure, making it, as one can imagine, quite traditional. The effect of this is a quaint, mountainous feeling, reflecting that of the surrounding landscape and community, and bringing a wonderful laid back atmosphere to the entirety of the restaurant. Truly, even the entryway seems to have a feeling of welcoming and laidback-ness about it that really fits the building.

On top of this, the food itself is absolutely amazing. This fantastic restaurant offers a host of everyone’s steakhouse favorites, including the Custom Cut New York Strip Steak, King Cut Prime Rib, the delicious Coconut chicken, and more, all of which are among the best you’ll ever try. For those dessert aficionados, the Hot Blackberry Cobbler and the Kahluah Crème Brulee are both just to die for, and are quite honestly some of the most delicious desserts you will ever experience.

peddler steakTruly, this restaurant’s attention to detail and magnificent food all are great enough reasons to come, but it is the amazing traditional décor that really set this apart from the rest. The Peddler really does hold the heart of Gatlinburg, and to not eat here when you come to visit would be an absolute travesty. With great food, great fun, and an experience that you won’t ever forget, why not come here? The Peddler is truly one of the great steakhouses in the area, and it is absolutely worth at least giving it at try during your Gatlinburg vacation.