the park grill
September 30, 2013

Park Grill is another great restaurant and grill in the Great Smoky Mountains area. With a gorgeous interior, delicious food, and an atmosphere that is both laid back and classy, this is a perfect place for families to enjoy a nice night out, while also being a great restaurant for a romantic date!

But what makes a good restaurant? Besides food, décor, and service, what makes Park Grill a worthy stop on any trip through Gatlinburg? Fortunately, Park Grill has all of these things, but it also has something that other restaurants do not: The experience.

With nightly entertainment from the restaurants very own Bobby Aikers, a pianist who has been playing to the crowds at Park Grill since 1999, as well as an atmosphere that pleases everyone, a night at Park Grill isn’t just a meal. It’s a fun way to unwind from exploring all of the attractions in Gatlinburg; it is a nice vacation from your vacation.

park grill

Of course, the food at this restaurant is also quite delectable as well. Whether you go with the Mountain Cut Rib Eye steak, served on a tin plate to heighten the experience, or even the Moonshine Chicken, a local favorite, or any of the other fantastic meals offered here at the Park Grill in Gatlinburg, you will find yourself exceedingly pleased. Everything is absolutely delicious; you really can’t go wrong.

Add in the easy to access location (right off of the Parkway), and the contemporary interior—which captures the spirit of the Smokies—and you get a dining experience that’s hard to forget. Trust us; many restaurants have great food, beautiful décor, and service that’s to die for, but very few can offer the experience that Park Grill offers. There’s a reason it’s considered a “Smoky Mountain Dining Experience worth Repeating”.