Top 8 Things to Do at Ober Mountain in the Summer

Tram to Ober Gatlinburg
May 31, 2023

You may think you can only have fun at Ober Mountain in the winter because it’s a ski resort, but there are several fun things you can do in the summer! From summer tubing to water rides, there are plenty of seasonal rides you won’t be able to enjoy any other time of the year. Here are the top 8 things to do at Ober Mountain in the summer:

1. Summer Tubing

kid summer tubing

One of the fun things you can do during the summer is go summer tubing! The tubing area is in the same place as the tubing area in the winter, but it’s a little different. There’s no snow, but you still get the same inner tubes. You’ll race down the hill on a plastic material that mimics the feel of snow. Your whole family will have a blast racing down the hill together.

2. Ice Skating

When the summer heat is getting to you, you should head into the Tramway Mall and go ice skating! The rink is indoors and open all year, but it’s a great summer activity when you want to cool down a little.

3. Ice Bumper Cars

ice rink

The ice bumper cars are on the same ice rink as ice skating. If you love bumper cars and want a way to cool down in the summer, this is the activity you should do as a family! Everyone will have fun racing around on the ice, knocking into each other!

4. Mountain Biking

Another fun summer activity you can do at Ober Mountain is go mountain biking! The attraction is home to downhill mountain biking trails for visitors to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of mountains, forests, and wilderness. It’s great for riders of all ages, and there are lessons for all levels!

5. Mini Golf

golf clubs golf balls

Ober Mountain’s mini golf course is a great way to spend time together in the summer. This course has 18 holes and is themed around black bears you would see in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s fairly easy, so it’s a great activity for everyone!

6. Wildlife Encounter

If you love animals, you should check out the wildlife encounter at Ober Mountain. They have all kinds of native animals. There are raccoons, turtles, and black bears. Everyone in your group will love getting an up close look at these creatures.

7. Alpine Slide

mom and son riding alpine coaster

A classic ride you should definitely do in the summer is the alpine slide. You start at the top of the hill and race down in a concrete track on a cart. You get to control your speed with the push pull lever. This ride is great for kids and adults!

8. Rock Wall

Feeling adventurous? Strap on a harness and climb the outdoor rock wall! From small kids to adults, everyone will have a blast testing their skills and seeing how brave they are by climbing up the rock wall.

You might have a hard time deciding what to do when you get to Ober Mountain because of all the fun activities! There are so many more than the ones we listed, but you’ll have a blast doing any of them. Want to know what else you should do when you stay with us? Here are some attractions in Gatlinburg you should check out!