downtown gatlinburg
September 30, 2013

Gatlinburg attractions are rated to be some of the absolute best vacation attractions found in America. These attractions have grown to be family favorites and many families find themselves back in Gatlinburg every chance they get. One reason why this city has become so famous among vacationers is that it offers immense beauty and unparalleled entertainment.

cooters gatlinburg

When visiting Gatlinburg many vacationers choose to stay in an affordable rustic cabin nestled in the Smokey Mountains. These cabins are just a short drive away from attraction experiences that few other cities have to offer. Regardless of whether seeking laughter, unbelievable sights, calm fun, frightening experiences, shopping, beautiful natural landscaping, or just about any other imaginable thing, Gatlinburg is certainly the place to be.

Tennessee has always been known as a beautiful state and Gatlinburg with all of its awesome entertaining attractions enhances it even more. When people begin discovering all of the attractions in Gatlinburg they find themselves unable to resist reserving a rental cabin and heading for the beautiful hills of Tennessee. Once they arrive they are able to visit attractions such as Cooter’s place to pacify their inner Duke.

Millions of Hazzard fans flock to Cooter’s Place while visiting Gatlinburg. Many are found spellbound by the immense variety of original memorabilia from their favorite TV show. The Dukes of Hazard television show is known to be one of the most popular shows ever aired in American history. Though the show is no longer being produced its popularity will never die.

To make certain that Duke Fans can seek their thrills while in Gatlinburg Ben Jones, also known as ‘Cooter’ on the Duke show, has created a museum for the Duke lovers of all ages. This museum is located in downtown Gatlinburg and is famous for creating an atmosphere where fans can ‘get their Duke on’. It is also known for regularly introducing the original cast members of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ to the public. It is not uncommon to see Cooter himself walking around signing autographs, shaking hands, and posing with fans for pictures next to the infamous General Lee.

Besides loving the memorabilia at Cooter’s Place Gatlinburg visitors also love the 18-hole miniature golf course and the go kart rides. Each go kart is decked out in full Dukes of Hazard style. There is absolutely no way a Duke fan can walk away from Cooter’s Place feeling disappointed. Cooter’s Place is just one of the reasons why Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions are considered to be one of America’s favorite playgrounds.

Visitors can expect to hear live music, have fun playing, see actual Hazzard props, costumes, and hundreds of Dukes of Hazzard pictures. Visitors are also able to purchase autographed gifts and other memorabilia from the Hazzard gift shop. When visiting Cooter’s Place it is wise to allow for plenty of time because there are so many exciting things to take in and fun things to do while there. This place is literally cram packed with Duke Memorabilia, so be forewarned that all who visit Cooter’s Place will likely come down with the Dukes of Hazard fever.

Beyond the excitement of just seeing the General Lee up close and in person, visitors are able to climb inside for awesome photo opportunities. Cooter certainly understands the importance of delivering the goods to the millions of Duke fans out there. This TV-show museum is quite likely one of the most popular to be found anywhere. For this and other amazing Gatlinburg Attractions, reserve one of the secluded cabins that are nestled in the beautiful Smokies, yet are never too far away from numerous attractions such as Cooter’s Place.