farmer's market with fresh vegetables

Gatlinburg Farmers Market

A great part of every Saturday morning (from May 18 through October 13, 2013), the Gatlinburg Farmers Market gives visitors the perfect place for healthy, and fun, mountain living!

Gatlinburg Farmers MarketThough most small towns have a farmers market, Gatlinburg offers something that you just don’t see anywhere else; a community focused on food, lifestyle, technology, and major event productions in the area. Not only that, you’ll find amazing homemade products, such as crafts, knick-knacks, and even a few rare baubles that you can only find at a fun farmers market like this! Truthfully, if any event reflects the core of this community, it is the Gatlinburg Farmers Market. This is one Gatlinburg attraction that can’t be missed!

And, once again, you get to experience this wonderful event in the beautiful climate of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Cool Saturday morning temperatures, no matter the time of year, give you the perfect shopping environment, while the wooded countryside and mountain breezes allow you to simply relax in this wonderful little community.

Gatlinburg Farmers MarketFurthermore, the people themselves, who will be your constant Farmers Market companions, are as nice as they get. No shopping rushes, no bickering over the last item, and no more negative Farmers Market experiences. With the surrounding beauty of Gatlinburg’s countryside, and the incredible climate therein, a wonderful experience awaits you. Doubtlessly, no other town affords visitors the comfort and beauty that Gatlinburg can and does; it is quite a spectacle!

It is the dream and vision of Gatlinburg’s Farmers Market to provide residents and visitors with the best shopping experience around, and this weekly event truly attains that dream. Get your fresh veggies, home grown fruit, and other homemade products here, at the largest and best Farmers Market in the area. All you have to do is head down to the Alamo Steakhouse Parking lot at 705 East Parkway to do it, so come on down!