Top 5 Benefits of Staying in Our Gatlinburg Cabins with Game Rooms

mountain lookout cabin
June 19, 2019

If you want to make the most out of your vacation to Gatlinburg, stay in one of our cabins with a game room! These cabins have all the comforts, amenities, and entertainment your family needs for a great getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains! While there are plenty of fun things to do away from the cabin, you’ll love having the game room! Here are the top 5 benefits of staying in our Gatlinburg cabins with game rooms:

1. Instant Entertainment

Guy playing pool

While Gatlinburg is filled with fantastic sights and attractions, our Gatlinburg cabins with game rooms offer you access to instant entertainment. You will find everything from classic arcade games to pool tables that are sure to provide hours of amusement. Whether you want to start your morning with an action-packed arcade game or organize a family pool tournament in the evening, the game room is always at your disposal whenever you want to have some fun!

2. Rainy Day Alternative

Another excellent benefit of staying in our Gatlinburg cabins with game rooms is that they provide a wonderful rainy day alternative! If inclement weather has temporarily delayed your plans to go hiking at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or strolling through the streets of downtown Gatlinburg, use this as an opportunity to check out the exciting games in your cabin! You will be having such a blast you might not even notice when the sun is shining outside again!

3. Keeps the Kids Entertained

family playing foosball

One of the most difficult tasks parents face while on vacation is keeping the kids entertained at all times. However, when you stay in one of our game room cabins, you never have to worry about your children getting bored! While the Smokies are filled with awesome family activities, don’t be surprised if your kids consider the game room their favorite part of the vacation!

4. Affordable Rates

You will be pleasantly surprised to know our Gatlinburg cabins with game rooms are available at reasonable rates you can afford! In fact, staying in our cabins is a much better deal than staying in a hotel when you consider all of the fantastic amenities, gorgeous scenery, and privacy! If you want to save even more money on your vacation, be sure to review our latest Gatlinburg cabin specials for the best deals in the Smokies!

5. Learn a New Game

game room in mountain lookout

Our Gatlinburg cabins with game rooms offer you a unique opportunity to learn a new game! While purchasing a pool table for your own home is an expensive investment, you can find out if you would enjoy billiards and other games by playing them in the cabin’s game room. You might just find out you are a natural pool player or an expert at shooting darts! This can also be a fun chance to introduce your kids to a game while enjoying some family bonding time!

You’ll love staying in a cabin that has built-in entertainment! Check out all of our Gatlinburg cabins with game rooms today to plan your vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains. We look forward to seeing you soon!