5 Advantages of Taking a Multi-Family Vacation at a 5 Bedroom Gatlinburg Cabin

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April 15, 2021

When you plan your next trip to the Smoky Mountains, you should consider making it a multi-family vacation. Getting away with some friends or relatives is a fun and economical way to experience everything East Tennessee has to offer. We have many large cabins that are perfect for hosting two or more families. The following are some of the main advantages of taking a multi-family vacation in a 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin.

1. Save Money on Your Cabin

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Going on vacation can be expensive when you rent your own hotel room or cabin. One of the biggest advantages to taking a multi-family getaway is that you can share the cost of accommodations with your companions. Our 5 bedroom cabins can sleep up to 14 people, providing more than enough space for three families to stay together. In addition to splitting the rental cost with other families, you can also save money by taking advantage of our Gatlinburg cabin specials. For example, we are currently offering guests a sixth night free when you you pay for five nights!

2. A Chance to Spend Quality Time Together

A group vacation gives you the chance to spend time with friends and family members in a relaxed environment. You may get to see people that you don’t usually have the chance to spend time with the rest of the year. Even if you are vacationing with friends or relatives who live nearby, you probably don’t get the chance to socialize as much as you would like back home. During a multi-family vacation in the Smoky Mountains, you can play games, watch movies, take walks, enjoy meals together, and catch up on everything going on in each other’s lives.

3. Ideal for Families with Kids

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A multi-family getaway is perfect for families with children. Kids will always have playmates on hand, which will make the vacation more fun for them and more restful for the adults. Another advantage of staying with other families is that adults can take turns watching the kids. This gives couples a chance to go out and spend some time together.

4. Cooking Meals in Your Cabin

Splitting the cost of your cabin is only one of the ways you can save money by taking a multi-family vacation at a 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin. You’ll also be able to save money on food. Our cabins come with fully equipped kitchens with all of the modern appliances you need, such as a large refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and stovetop. Dining out all the time can be one of the most expensive parts of taking a vacation, so preparing a few meals at your cabin can save a ton of money.

5. Enjoy a Variety of Group Activities

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Both your cabin and the whole Gatlinburg area provide all kinds of activities that are even more fun when you do them as a group. Many cabins, for example, come with awesome game rooms. Having a billiards tournament is a great way to spend an evening in your cabin. Your group can also enjoy a movie night when you rent a cabin with a flat screen TV and DVD player.

There are also many Gatlinburg attractions that are perfect for groups. Hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and zip lining are all popular options. The Smokies are also home to dinner theaters, amusement parks, museums, and miniature golf courses. No matter what you choose to do, you will never be bored when you spend your vacation in Gatlinburg! Check out these fun things to do on a Gatlinburg TN family vacation!

Now you know why you should plan a multi-family trip to the Smoky Mountains! Look through our 5 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins and book one for your trip now!