5 Ways Our Family Reunion Cabins in Gatlinburg Make Vacations Unforgettable

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July 1, 2021

One of the best parts of family reunions in Gatlinburg is getting to spend quality time with the ones you love. Whether you’re planning a getaway complete with cousins, aunts and uncles, and in-laws, or you and a couple other families are looking forward to a multi-family vacation in Gatlinburg, there’s nothing better than bringing everyone together for a bit of fun and relaxation in the mountains. Our family reunion cabins in Gatlinburg are ideal for these occasions, enabling you to gather everyone together under one roof in a great location with plenty of fun things to in the cabin and around the Gatlinburg area. Here are 5 ways our family reunion cabins in Gatlinburg make vacations unforgettable:

1. Amenities Your Family Will Love

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In addition to our reunion cabins easily accommodating your entire family, they also feature amazing amenities you and your entire family will enjoy throughout your visit. You can head to the theater room for a screening of the latest blockbuster hit or spend time on your cabin’s private deck playing boardgames, soaking in the hot tub, or simply take in the phenomenal mountain scenery with the ones you love. When you stay at any one of our family reunion cabins in Gatlinburg, your lodging becomes a vacation of its own. With so many opportunities for in-cabin fun, you may not want to leave!

2. Plenty of Room For Everyone

While fitting your entire family into one cabin rental may sound like a challenge, it’s nothing our family reunion cabins in Gatlinburg can’t handle. With our 4 bedroom cabins sleeping up to 16 people and our 5 bedroom cabin rentals comfortably housing anywhere from 12 to 40 guests, we can easily and comfortably accommodate you and your family with ease. Unlike hotels and condos, our rentals allow you to enjoy your visit all under one roof. This is impossible for condos and hotels who have to split up large groups into separate rooms or units to fit everyone. With us, you’ll have no problem keeping everybody together.

3. Spacious Privacy

GCR Mountain Lookout Living Room

While many rentals boast high accommodation numbers to attract guests with larger parties, our family reunion cabins sleep several guests while also offering enough space and privacy for everyone staying there. We base our numbers on how many guests can comfortably stay in our cabins. We know it’s difficult to truly relax and enjoy yourself when you’re feeling cramped, so we make sure that there are plenty of places to sleep, extra towels, blankets, pillows, and everything else you need for a peaceful family vacation in Gatlinburg.

4. Designed With Large Groups in Mind

In addition to offering plenty of space for comfortable rest and relaxation, our family reunion cabins in Gatlinburg are designed with quality time in mind. You’ll find spacious floor plans with plenty of room to move from room to room, as well as larger restrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens to accommodate morning routines, shower schedules, and meal preparation on a larger scale. There’s also ample seating in common areas like your game room, living room, and dining room, so everyone will have somewhere to sit while they spend time together.

5. Close to Fun Things To Do in Gatlinburg


Situated in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, our family reunion cabin rentals are located just minutes from all the fun things to do in Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas. You’ll have quick access to attractions and shows that are famous for their family appeal, as well as opportunities for outdoor fun like horseback riding, tubing, hiking, and more.

Are you ready to experience an amazing family reunion getaway with us? Browse our family reunion cabins in Gatlinburg to get your planning started today!