5 Reasons to Spend Your Vacation in Our Smoky Mountain Cabins

The Treehouse Lodge, a 3 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge.
December 28, 2018

When you’re researching Smoky Mountain cabins for your vacation, you’re probably looking at those that offer the most comfort and best location. Our cabins will certainly give your group or family the best of both worlds, and you may be considering this as a getaway where you are spending all of your time in a cabin. If this is what you’re looking for, we have 5 reasons our cabins will deliver on this desired vacation!

1. Solitude

Make no mistake, if you want a cabin in the mountains for total solitude, our Smoky Mountain cabins will be perfect. Sometimes, you just need some alone time with either yourself, your partner, or family. Selecting one of our cabins will give you the best chance at having a vacation where you don’t have to deal with distractions!

2. Quality Family Time

A family enjoying mountain views from the deck of their cabin.

The amenities that our cabins offer will give your family more than enough things to keep them occupied — games and movies to name a few. If you want to disconnect from the outside world and focus on building your relationship with your family, spending your entire vacation in the peaceful and the relaxing atmosphere they provide will be the perfect solution for your needs!

3. Smoky Mountain Views

Of course, our Smoky Mountain cabins offer stunning and spectacular views of these natural landforms. You can literally spend hours on your deck or porch at any time of the year admiring them. How would you like to wake up every morning, make your coffee, and have your first view of the outdoors be the mountains? There’s simply no better way to start or end the day!

4. Catch Up on Rest

living room in a smoky mountain cabin

It can be a balancing act of sleeping in and getting out to tackle all the activities you had planned as a tourist. So why not spend some extra time in your cabin to relax? With no plans for visiting attractions, that ultimately means there’s plenty of time for you to catch up on some much needed rest that you deserve on vacation.

5. No Responsibilities

Your favorite reason for staying in one of our Smoky Mountain cabins has to be the fact that you have no responsibilities. Sure there are a few obvious ones, but the ones that cause you the most stress can be left behind for the moment — bills, work, and appointments. After all, spending your entire vacation in a cabin means you are in control of your mood, which we can say will be extremely positive!

It’s pretty clear why there’s nothing wrong and everything right with spending your entire vacation in one of our Smoky Mountain cabins. Go ahead and try it by ​booking your cabin​ today for a wonderful vacation experience!