downtown Gatlinburg
September 30, 2013

earthquake ride

It is no secret that Gatlinburg attractions entice millions of visitors to come to the state of Tennessee each year. Gatlinburg is home to exciting adventures such as Ripley’s Aquarium, The Space needle, Ziplines, World of Illusions, and Earthquake the Ride. There are also numerous other thrilling things to do while visiting Gatlinburg.

One attraction that seems to be loved by all is Earthquake the Ride. This particular attraction is an earthquake simulator that is in a subway setting. People board train number 13 and as soon as they are seated and buckled in the fun begins. This theme ride begins with two trains bearing down upon each other as the ground starts shaking.

As the trembling becomes intensified the sidewalks give out and crumble just as the tracks begin to sink into the ground. The ceilings and walls by this point have begun to cave in and there are loud sirens and numerous special effects taking place all at once. Fear of the gorilla escaping his cage is present but is the least of the passenger’s worries.

As soon as the train sinks into the sewer there is a large lifelike sewer gator to greet fearful and shaken passengers. All of the commotion and chaos begins to settle down and passengers begin to feel like the danger is over. Just when a sigh of relief escapes from passengers they are shaken back into fear as a flood of water is released.

This ride is designed with high-tech equipment that has the ability to jangle each of the five senses. It is a favored attraction for visitors because they enjoy the rush of adrenaline while feeling as if they are dropping into a pit of bottomless nothing. Many people enjoy this ride simulator so much that they often want to ride it once more before leaving to head on to another exciting attraction.

There are several Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions such as Earthquake the Ride that can really get a heart pumping and adrenaline flowing. These attractions are loved by people of all ages and are surprisingly affordable. The low cost of these awesome attractions and reasonable rates on rental cabins give many visitors the opportunity to pack several exciting attractions into one vacation.

For more heart pounding, gut wrenching excitement after experiencing Earthquake the Ride Gatlinburg visitors can head over to Ripley’s Haunted Adventure to see their worst nightmares come to life. For even more fearful fun the Mysterious Mansion will have visitors trembling in fear and awe while inside this large scary house.

Though there are numerous attractions in Gatlinburg that are known to scare the daylights out of people there are also attractions that are not designed to frighten visitors. In fact, many of these attractions do the exact opposite and have visitors roaring in sidesplitting laughter. A great place to go for such fun is the Sweet Fanny Adams Theater. When taking a look at the long list of amazing and exciting Gatlinburg attractions, affordable rates on beautiful rental cabins, and combining them with the beautiful scenery, vacationers simply cannot resist a trip to Tennessee.