Easter Sunrise at Ober

Dramatic sunset in the mountains of Gatlinburg TN.
September 30, 2013

Gatlinburg’s Easter Sunrise Service is not just any church service. It is one enhanced by the beauty of the springtime Smokies, and the incredible nature that permeates its roads and countryside. An annual occasion, every year, the entire community and visitors gather at Ober Gatlinburg for a worship service that shan’t be forgotten!

This 30-40 minute high mountain service is led by pastors belonging to the local Galinburg Ministerial Association, and the offering collected during this service goes directly to helping the needy. But, the best part about this wonderful service is its beautiful locale! Worshipers are provided with free tram rides to the mountain top where the service will be located (tram rides begin at 5:15 A.M and continue at 15 minute intervals). There, people can revel not only in the glory of worshiping and prayer, but also in the gorgeous mountain views, and clean mountain air that Ober Gatlinburg is known for!

easter sunrise at ober gatlinburg

On top of this, because this service takes place right in the middle of Springfest, church goers will also be able to enjoy everything else that this festival has to offer once the service is over! So you can see nature, enjoy the wonderful arts and crafts offered all over the mountain, hike in the amazing wilderness, and just enjoy life the way it was meant to be!

Trust us; the moment that sun peeks over the mountain and the service begins, you will be struck with the absolute peace and tranquility that only Gatlinburg can provide. Nature is where you can be closest to God, so enjoy this incredible church service and have an amazing time! Don’t forget the free breakfast buffet available at the Ober Gatlinburg Restaurant!