Every Question You May Have About The Sky Lift in Gatlinburg

gatlinburg sky lift
September 16, 2020

Over the years Gatlinburg attractions have lured visitors to Tennessee by the millions. Many of these attractions have been open and thrilling visitors for many decades. One such attraction is the Gatlinburg Sky Lift, which happens to be Gatlinburg’s #1 scenic overlook. Here is everything you need to know about the Gatlinburg Sky Lift:

1. What is the Sky Lift?

SkyCenter building at the SkyLift Park in Gatlinburg

In the early 1950’s Everett Kircher was invited to build a chair lift that would enable people to have a phenomenal panoramic view of the Great Smoky Mountains. Located on the Parkway the Sky Lift is based at the top of Crockett Mountain and provides the absolute best view of Gatlinburg. The Sky Lift carries passengers 1,800 feet above the beautiful city and enables riders to see the Smoky Mountains in a manner no other view point can offer. When on top of Crockett Mountain visitors are able to see the sites with their own eyes or through provided binoculars which are located on an overlooking platform.

2. What is the Best Part of the Sky Lift?

This platform is a special place for those who ride the Sky Lift. Riders are able to enjoy a beautiful picnic area and purchase affordable refreshments such as snacks, ice cream, frozen drinks and a variety of other yummy delights. Millions of people have had the fortunate experience of seeing Gatlinburg from this overlooking platform. It can easily be said that thousands of cherished memories have been made while spending time on this scenic overlook. Without a doubt, there are thousands of family pictures that have been taken from the top of Crockett Mountain from the Sky Lift ride.

3. Will I Enjoy the Sky Lift if I’m Afraid of Heights?

gatlinburg sky lift

Though many people are afraid of heights, this ride keeps visitors in awe of their surroundings and most forget all about their fears of higher elevations. Many people consider it a very emotional experience to be able to see nature in all its glory while riding the Sky Lift. The indescribable beauty can bring tears of joy to a grown man’s eyes. Many visitors have proclaimed it to be one of the most beautiful views America has to offer, especially when fall colors are present. This affordable ride is certainly a phenomenal experience that every individual should have at least once.

4. When is the Best Time to Ride the Sky Lift?

The Sky Lift is open daily from around 9 AM to the latest at 11 PM making it easy to fit this unparalleled experience into a vacation schedule. Many people prefer to ride it when they can see the early sun as it rises, or when the afternoon sun is settling over this beautiful mountain. There is a professional photographer on staff for each trip to capture a picture of each chair and its occupants. Individuals interested in owning this picture can visit the gift shop and purchase one.

Though all of the attractions in Gatlinburg provide exceptional experiences, the Sky Lift is a cherished attraction for each visitor who rides it. When filling the Gatlinburg vacation schedule be sure to include a trip to ride on the Sky Lift for a phenomenal experience like no other.