5 Health Benefits of Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals with Indoor Pool

happy older couple in Smoky Mountain cabin rentals with indoor pool
August 10, 2015

Swimming is an activity that can be used as a way to get some exercise, relax or have fun. Not only is it diverse in purpose, but it is also great for people of all ages to participate in. These are just a couple of the many reasons why you should choose to book one of our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals with indoor pool for your vacation. One of the best advantages to swimming in one of our cabin’s indoor pools is that they have quite a few health benefits. To find out how swimming can improve your health, read more below.

1. Swimming Relieves Stress

Going for a dip in an indoor pool can have a positive influence on the level of stress you are under as well as your overall mood. Swimming releases endorphins, natural chemicals made within the body, to your brain that have a side effect of an uplifted and relaxed mood. In fact, research shows that swimming can cause a process in which your brain replaces its cells that were lost through stress.

2. Swimming Increases Strengthkid having fun at Smoky Mountain cabin rentals with indoor pool

Whether you realize it or not, just by walking around in a swimming pool you can increase the strength of core muscles in your body. We get regular exercise just by walking through air daily, and air is extremely less dense than water. This means that movement in the water takes more energy than it does out of the water. The water moves against your body providing a resistance which makes it harder to move. Moving your body against the resistance of the water is what strengthens your muscles.

3. Swimming Is Low Impact Exercise

One of the best reasons to back up the fact that Smoky Mountain cabin rentals with indoor pool are for everyone is that swimming is a low impact exercise. A low impact exercise is one that doesn’t involve as much wear on the muscles and joints. When you are submerged in any kind of water, a certain percentage of your weight is held by the water itself, while you hold up the percentage that is left. For example, if you are neck down deep in water, then you will only be holding up about 10% of your entire weight.

4. Swimming Can Improve Heart Health

couple relaxing in Smoky Mountain cabin rentals with indoor pool

Because it is an aerobic exercise, swimming is one of the best ways to help maintain a healthy heart. Aerobic exercises help increase the amount of blood flow throughout your entire body by adding to the amount of times your heart pumps. Whether you are swimming laps or just walking around the pool, more than 10 minutes of exercise in the pool per session can help your heart stay healthier longer.

5. Swimming Can Help with Weight Control

If you are looking for an activity that can help you stay slim and fit, swimming is a great choice. It is one of the best exercises known for burning calories. Many believe that swimming is a much easier exercise to accomplish than running or other land options because you don’t feel as hot and it is more enjoyable.

Once you spend some time improving your health in one of our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals with indoor pool, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Check out our Smoky Mountain cabin specials to save on your cabin when booking today.