Photograph of downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

5 Reasons Why a Gatlinburg Vacation is Popular With People Worldwide

Many people from all over the world have noticed that Gatlinburg is an amazing place for a visit. There are tons of reasons to make a trip to this paradise valley in the Smoky Mountains. We’ll give you the very best reasons why those people decide a Gatlinburg vacation is perfect for them!

1. The Smoky Mountains

When worldwide travelers hear of a place that was named “land of blue smoke,” there is a level of intrigue that results in much research about the area. With this research comes traveler accounts and beautiful pictures that are only enhanced when viewed with your own eyes. Ultimately, Gatlinburg gets mentioned due to its ideal location and the amount of tourism that it attracts. The fact that there’s no admission fee to the park also makes it that much more attractive!

2. The Food

stack of pancakes with fruitThe South is known as a place where people take great pride in their food, and this gets the attention of people all over the world. Barbecue is one specialty that’s no stranger to this area, as is homemade breakfast foods that include pancake houses, of course. Visitors are awed by the selection at ​Crockett’s Breakfast Camp​ for breakfast, and the quality of the barbecue at ​Delauder’s BBQ​, so don’t miss out on the fantastic tastes!

3. The Hospitality

Southern hospitality is one hallmark element that people experience when they take a Gatlinburg vacation; this is another reason for worldwide travelers to visit. The phrases that people use here may not be recognized at first, but the warmth with which they are said is a universal language that is instantly understood. You’ll love meeting the wonderful people who own businesses in the area, and the way you’re treated does wonders for an enjoyable trip!

4. The Attractions

Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg TN.You and your fellow travelers that take a Gatlinburg vacation will never run out of things to do when you arrive here. We believe you’ve done enough research to see that tourism is thriving here because of the family-friendly environment. Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies​ is an indoor sea wonderland that deserves all the attention it receives — and you’ll find much more fun all over town! Most of what you can find is walkable all through Gatlinburg, making for a busy and fun-filled day without much traveling.

5. The Relaxation of a Cabin

Once you’ve decided to make a visit to the Smoky Mountains, you’ll want a nice, relaxing place to call home for your vacation. Worldwide travelers are always seeking the most peaceful place possible, and with the amount of mountain cabins available, there’s plenty of opportunities for family comfort. The amenities are nothing short of spectacular, and that just adds to the enjoyment of a vacation in Gatlinburg!

That’s exactly what Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals offers our travelers, no matter where in the world they are coming from. Take a look at our selection, and ​book your cabin​ from us for a vacation with limitless options for fun!