shining lights of downtown Gatlinburg at night
September 30, 2013

hard rock cafe gatlinburg

Gatlinburg TN is renowned for its spectacular array of entertainment that is suitable for all ages. By offering family-friendly entertainment Gatlinburg makes it easy for families to enjoy quality time together after hours. Of course there are also many activities that specifically cater to people in older age groups as well. Offering a wide variety of nightlife entertainment that is suitable for all age groups makes Gatlinburg nightlife fun for everyone.

When families head into town after the sun goes down they can enjoy entertainment and meals at the Hard Rock Cafe. This famous Café has locations all across the globe and is famous for big-screen TVs that display music videos while patrons enjoy tasty world renowned meals. A lot of families also find the Comedy Barn to be a great place to enjoy fun and laughter in a family-friendly environment.

festival of lights

While there are hundreds of opportunities for families to seek excitement in the evening there is one family event that is an absolute must see. This event is known as the Festival Of Lights which is a beautiful and elaborate display of winter themed lights. Families who are in Gatlinburg for a winter ski vacation find this event an amazing thing to do after dark. This event is so spectacular that many native Tennessee families even drive into Gatlinburg specifically to view this event and enjoy a memorable evening together.

There are plenty of other family orientated nightlife activities to enjoy in Gatlinburg that make each trip exciting for even the smallest members of the family. Though a lot of the nightlife in Gatlinburg is family-friendly there are some activities that are definitely not meant for children. Crawdaddy’s Restaurant and bar or Pucker’s Sports Bar And Grill are two such places that adults may like to visit and are places that children simply do not belong.

smoky mountain brewery

Due to the fact that both of these adult aged establishments serve alcoholic beverages it is wise to arrange for child care before visiting them. Another exciting place on the list of Gatlinburg attractions that adults can enjoy is the Smoky Mountain Brewery. Here adults can sample different brews produced at this brewery and enjoy free live music. The music is excellent and the musicians play hard to make everyone’s brewery trip more enjoyable so showing appreciation through tips is always welcomed.

For great live music in a more opened atmosphere visit the Elk Plaza shopping center’s courtyard during summer months for even more pleasing melodies. These live bands are also extremely appreciative of tips from the crowds. Tipping musicians is a great way to support the art of music and ensure that it lives on.

Without a doubt the Tennessee nightlife found in Gatlinburg combined with the huge variety of Gatlinburg attractions makes this city a great place to play and party both day and night. Though the beautiful cabin you rented may be hard to leave, it would be a crying shame to miss out on all of the excitement that begins after dark. No need to worry, go out have fun, play a while, that cozy Smoky Mountain cabin will await your return. Please remember to always drink responsibly and have a designated driver or hail a cab, after all there is that cozy cabin to get back to!