All About the Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg TN

mysterious mansion gatlinburg tn
October 3, 2022

Do you love all things horror? Then you probably want to do something scary while you’re in Gatlinburg! Thrill seekers of all ages should visit the Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion! From the minute you see the building, the goosebumps will begin to travel all over your body! There will be no keeping you away from the mystery and terror that waits inside the walls of Gatlinburg’s oldest and scariest haunted house. Keep reading to learn all about the Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg TN:

The Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg TN

Legend has it that in the early 1900s, the family living in the house went crazy, killed each other, and continues to haunt the home to this day. There are plenty of fun and scary moments to be had here. The thrills begin to build upon approaching the house. If you visit at the haunting hour, so to speak, the path to the house is lit with a purple glow, paving the way to be scared almost immediately. Spooky music sets the stage no matter what time of day you visit.

Once you enter, you will head to the library for the start of the tour. Press the fireplace and enter the maze to begin a frightful adventure that is sure to get your heart pumping, and enjoy the show. Dodge demons and monsters, enjoy a view of the city from the balcony, and remember to hold on tight because you never know what surprises might be around the corner.

More Information About the Mansion


We know you want all of the information about this thrilling attraction, and we want to share it with you! Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg TN is open year round. However, the hours in the spring and winter vary, so you will want to check their website for updated times. During the summer, this attraction is open full time, and in the fall, it is mostly open full time.

Mysterious Mansion is open to people of all ages, and guests younger than 6 years old can attend for free, but the attraction does not recommend young children should be in attendance.

If you are military, police, or firefighters, you can receive a discount at the door. If you plan on attending in a large group, there are group rates available.

Not only can you walk around corners and be scared out of your mind any time of the year, you can also enjoy getting spooked on Halloween for a special event!

Safety Rules

The Mysterious Mansion does have a few safety guidelines they ask for all guests to follow, and they include:

  • Do not run
  • Stay together as a group
  • No cell phones, lighters, flash lights, or cameras
  • No photography or video taping
  • Do not touch anyone or anything

Location in Gatlinburg

Here is the location of Mysterious Mansion:

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Now you know more about the Mysterious Mansion in Gatlinburg TN, you can plan your next visit to this spooky attraction! Are you wondering what else you can do when you visit Gatlinburg? Check out these other exciting things to do in Gatlinburg TN!