Everything You Need to Know About the Great Smoky Thanksgiving Arts & Craft Show

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September 30, 2020

A visit to Tennessee is one that will likely never be forgotten. There are many interesting places to visit that are packed with excitement and thrills, including Gatlinburg. This city is amazing and has something special to offer everyone. Each year Gatlinburg plays host to exciting events that people travel hundreds of miles to be a part of. Here is everything you need to know about the Great Smoky Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Show:

1. Smoky Mountain Art Shows are a Tradition

While local artisans in the Smokies display their handiwork year round, the craft shows are an opportunity to showcase their talents to thousands of visitors each day. The Great Smoky Mountains are home to many talented artists, many of whom carry on a family art tradition. Many of these traditions carry back several generations and the pride of a families favorite craft can still be seen today.

2. There is Something for Everyone


From the sculptures made of glass or wood, quirky trolls, handmade candles, jewelry, furniture, paintings, professional photography, and much more, these artists really pour their hearts and souls into their crafts. Most local artisans are members of an elite artist community that ensures all items are crafted of the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship. Out of all of the Gatlinburg events, the craft shows seem to be favored because of the astounding works of art presented by these local artists.

3. You Can Take Home a Piece of the Smokies

When visitors partake of a craft show for the first time they are absolutely held spell bound by the thousands of interesting handmade crafts available. Many simply can not help but purchase several items to treasure as memoirs of their visit as well as for gifts for friends and family members back home. While a lot of the artwork is considered to be souvenirs, a lot of it is art gallery quality. This finer art can be seen blended into the décor of homes all across the globe.

4. Thanksgiving is a Special Time for the Arts and Crafts Community

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No matter what type of art is purchased from a craft show in Gatlinburg, it is always considered a valuable treasure regardless of cost. To describe the unique crafts that can be found at one of these craft shows takes words that are hard to find. Each item is crafted with diligence, pride, and most items simply can not be found elsewhere. A great time to go see these crafts that range from eclectic, whimsical, and art gallery quality is during the craft show held during Gatlinburg’s Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving is a phenomenal time to visit Gatlinburg, and the Great Smoky Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts show makes this holiday season all the more spectacular! This particular holiday holds a special meaning and thousands of people make their way to one of the most beautiful states in America to share their family feast. A lot of families have made it a family tradition to spend Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg to not only enjoy the most beautiful fall scenery but to spend time together enjoying the wonderful events in Gatlinburg this feasting season.

Make your Thanksgiving stand out above all others, reserve a rustic Gatlinburg cabin rental today and get prepared to discover some magic during your holiday! Beyond the events and the awe inspiring crafts found at the craft show, there are plenty of other things to do that your family will not want to miss out on while in Gatlinburg this Thanksgiving!