6 Cool Things About Visiting Ober Gatlinburg in the Winter

gatlinburg trolley in front of ober gatlinburg sign
November 29, 2018

When you decide to take a winter vacation in the Smoky Mountains, your spirit for the season will be enhanced by a visit to the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort. This attraction was designed exactly for people who love or are curious about the outdoors and the snowy wonderland beneath their feet. We’re going to show the coolest things about a trip to this premiere resort in the whole state of Tennessee!

1. The Snow

girl throwing a snowball

While they don’t always rely on snow falling to powder the terrain, they do need the temperatures to fall in order to efficiently go about the ​process of making it​. This makes it, first and foremost, essential to giving you the coolest time up on the mountain. The result will give you the necessary motivation to get your fun-filled day off to a warm start!

2. The Slopes

The whitening of the slopes is necessary for you to have the most awesome time at Ober Gatlinburg during the winter. Secure those skis for a challenging run down the hill, or if you’re a beginner, they have starter trails to curb your fears. The ​lessons​ that are required for a first-timer will also put your fears aside and let you enjoy skiing or snowboarding as a sport! You will have a blast skiing and snowboarding at Ober.

3. Tubing Fun

girl snow tubing in the smoky mountains

The most bustling activity here has to be ​tubing​. Plan accordingly so you can fully expect a mega fun and all-ages adventure. Whether you have or haven’t spent many a snow day outside rolling around in the snow, tubing is perfect for bringing out the kid in you. You are afforded a 90-minute session gliding downhill as many times as the laughter and good memories flow too!

4. Hot Chocolate

Even though you’re dressed warmly for the activities at Ober Gatlinburg in the winter, you can’t deny a hot cup of chocolate. This represents everything that’s great about the season. You can stop inside to warm up nicely with a chocolatey drink that will also satisfy your desire for something sweet while preparing you for more fun and adventures to come!

5. The Events

The winter has plenty of great events on the schedule that your family will be happy to attend as well. Their lineup features a live music performance sponsored by a local radio station, slope competitions, and the highlight — ​the Tennessee Special Olympics Winter Games​. This is an inspirational event featuring a superb show of sportsmanship and teamwork we can all aspire to accomplish!

6. The Views

Gatlinburg in winter

The ​Scenic Chairlift​ is an absolute must for spending a winter day at Ober Gatlinburg. This truly gives you an idea of just how high above sea level you really are. The views of the Smokies are a stunning sight in the winter, and when you need a break from the skiing and tubing, this is a prime opportunity to take a wonder ride!

Go ahead and bring the family to Ober Gatlinburg in the winter to do these awesome activities. Let Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals take care of your accommodation needs, so book your cabin​ for a smooth trip up and down the mountain!