Deck View from Majestic Views
September 30, 2013

Cabins offer opportunities for privacy and closeness to nature that hotels simply can’t match. To ensure a pleasant stay, however, you want to ask some questions of the rental agency before you commit to anything. Here are some cabin renter tips to keep in mind:

If you plan to cook in the cabin, be certain to ask about the kitchen. Does it have a range, refrigerator, and microwave? Are the appliances full-sized? How close is the nearest grocery or convenience store? Is cookware, utensils, plates, bowls, or kitchen towels provided?

Ask how close your Gatlinburg rental cabin will be to neighbors. Some folks want to be as secluded as possible, while others feel comfortable in a more populated setting. Ask about window treatments, hedges, screens, and other privacy aids.

Don’t assume that a fireplace is included. Check on this if you would like to have one. Find out if it uses gas or wood. If you want to have an outdoor campfire, ask if there is a fire pit and/or ring. Also, ask about the availability of firewood close by. You don’t want to go tramping through the surrounding forest for kindling.

If the rental cabin in Gatlinburg has a hot tub, ask if it’s emptied and cleaned during vacant periods. Check on how private it is. Ask if it has a cover over it or if it is open to the sky. Inquire as to how many people can use it. Also check on whether it must be turned on prior to the water being heated, and, if so, how long it takes it to reach a comfortable temperature.

Ask about the view from the deck. Will you be looking at any else’s property? Is it oriented so that you can watch the sun rise or set? How large is it? Are rockers or other chairs provided? If so, how many?

What are the roads that lead to the cabin like? Are they dirt, gravel, or paved? This is especially important to consider during winter, as snow or ice can limit access to the location. How steep is the driveway? Is there enough room for vehicles with trailers to turn around (if you plan to use one)?

What activities are within close driving range? Are there any restaurants close by, in case you don’t feel like cooking?

Don’t forget to ask about supplies. How many rolls of toilet paper will be on hand? What about dish rags, paper towels, and glass cleaners or other chemicals? How many place settings are provided for those eating at the kitchen or dining table?

Is there central heat and air? Who can be contacted if the climate control system fails? Are there ceiling fans?

Hopefully there will never be a need to contact emergency services. But check on the telephone situation just in case. Also, some rural areas may not yet have 911 coverage. Ask if it’s available where you’ll be staying.

On that same note, find out who you can contact if there’s a problem with the cabin’s electricity, cleanliness, or structural safety. If there’s an issue, how quickly can the owner or manger be there to address it?

What is their cancellation policy? Is it affected by severe weather conditions? Does the agency charge a cleaning fee or deposits in addition to the rent?

Checking on these things in advance will help to make certain that your stay in your rental cabin in Gatlinburg is pleasant and hassle-free. We look forward to seeing you soon!