4 Gatlinburg Family Vacation Tips That Will Save You Time and Stress

children enjoying a Gatlinburg family vacation
April 23, 2015

Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed when planning your next family trip? You don't have to be. Take a couple of minutes and read over our latest Gatlinburg family vacation tips to help cut down on you and your family's stress so you can get started on enjoying your stay.

4 Steps to a Stress-Free Gatlinburg Family Vacation

Rent With Friends & Family

You can never have too many people with you when it comes to an exciting vacation in Gatlinburg. That is why we always suggest visitors to consider inviting their friends and family to join them when they visit. Not only does this cut down on lodging cost, but it gives you more loved ones to create new memories with as well.

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Let Your Kids Help You Plan

packing light for a Gatlinburg family vacation

As parents, we understand how hard it can be sometimes to get your kids as excited as you are about your vacation. It is hard to peel them away from their friends, social media and trips to the mall. However, by including them in your vacation planning process, parents can almost guarantee their kids will start to get excited about your trip.

In addition to feeling included and as if their opinion matters, allowing your kids to help you plan is also a good way to inspire them to learn more about the area before you arrive. In turn, you all may discover something new about the area that you didn’t already know!

Pack Light

When it comes to packing for a Gatlinburg family vacation, it is easy to get caught up in the feeling that you need to bring your entire wardrobe. However, just because you feel as if you want to be prepared for anything that might come up during your trip, it is a lot smarter to take a step back and make a packing list before you leave.

We suggest that families and travelers include a lot of clothing items that can easily work for multiple outfits. Not only does this cut down on how much you have to pack in your suitcase, but it will also cut down on the amount of laundry you will have waiting for you when you get home. And that in turn will cut down on the amount of chores and headaches you have to deal with when your vacation is over.

Plan For Downtime

family relaxing during a Gatlinburg family vacation

Although we think it is a smart idea for families to plan out a travel itinerary before their Gatlinburg family vacation, we do want to remind them the importance of leave some time for rest and relaxation during your stay as well. Sure, you may feel as if there is too much fun and excitement to experience to even begin to think about downtime, but you will thank us later.

The last thing you want after returning home from what was supposed to be a relaxing Gatlinburg family vacation is to feel tired and run down. That is why we recommend you schedule plenty of time to rest and enjoy all of the relaxing benefits of staying in one of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals.

To learn more tips on how to prepare for your next Gatlinburg family vacation, feel free to contact our vacation experts today. With over 20 years of experience in the Smoky Mountains travel industry, they will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you and your loved ones may have. You can find all of our contact information on the Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals contact page on our site.