All You Need to Know About the Mountain Coasters in Gatlinburg Tennessee

mountain coaster
August 12, 2019

If you are ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime, step into the driver’s seat of one of the thrilling mountain coasters in Gatlinburg! While you might be familiar with the roller coasters at Dollywood and other theme parks across the country, mountain coasters are quite different from the traditional coaster experience! Here are the top 4 things you need to know about the mountain coasters in Gatlinburg Tennessee:

What is a Mountain Coaster

track on a mountain coaster

You may have heard folks rave about the mountain coasters in Gatlinburg Tennessee and wondered what the hype is all about! A mountain coaster is a unique roller coaster type experience where coaster carts are securely attached to tubular rails so you never have to worry about leaving the track. The rails are just slightly elevated above the terrain on a mountain to enhance the speed of your downhill adventure! You are the driver of your own coaster cart and control the speed of your ride down the mountain, so you can enjoy a leisurely journey through the twists and turns or go full throttle!

Controlling the Coaster Cart

One of the things first-timers are most concerned about is controlling the coaster cart, but it couldn’t be easier! There are no foot brakes to worry about, and everything is hand controlled. If you want to go faster, you just push the handles forward, and the cart will propel itself naturally by gravity. Likewise, if you want to slow down or brake completely, pull the handles back toward you. You will have the hang of it in no time and want to ride again and again!

Who Can Participate in the Fun

The awesome thing about the mountain coasters in Gatlinburg Tennessee is almost everyone can participate! While each individual attraction has their own restrictions, you will likely find all of your family members can join in on the fun! If you have younger children in your family, you will be happy to know the coaster carts can accommodate up to 2 riders. Therefore, most young kids can go along with an older family member!

Where to Ride a Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg

person riding a mountain coaster in Gatlinburg

While it may seem hard to believe, there are actually 4 mountain coasters in Gatlinburg Tennessee! You can pick one to experience or try them all to see which is your favorite! The Moonshine Mountain Coaster was formally known as the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, which opened in 2014 and is the original mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, which was quickly followed by the Ski Mountain Coaster at Ober Gatlinburg in 2015. When Rowdy Bear Mountain came along in 2017, they opened the Rowdy Bear Coaster to rave reviews! The most recent mountain coaster to open in Gatlinburg is the Rail Runner at Anakeesta, which made its debut in 2018. This mountain coaster is particularly unique since it features a single rail track that allows you to ride even closer to the ground!

Top 3 Mountain Coasters in Gatlinburg to Visit

1. Moonshine Mountain Coaster

Another amazing mountain coasters in Gatlinburg is the Moonshine Mountain Coaster on the Parkway at traffic light #2. The single or double cars coast down the side of the mountain on a specially designed silent track so that you can hear the screams of delight from other riders! After riding one of the fastest mountain coasters in Tennessee, stop by the merchandise stand to commemorate your experience with a T-shirt, sweatshirt or other memorabilia. The Moonshine Mountain Coaster even features a photo desk where you can purchase a professional photo taken of you racing down the mountain!

2. Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster

rowdy bear

The newest mountain coaster in town is the Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg! Head down the mountain at speeds reaching 35 miles per hour as you twist and turn through the woods of Rowdy Bear Mountain! The coaster carts feature the latest Intelligent Distance Control System to make sure that all guests enjoy a fun and safe experience on the attraction. Choose between riding solo or with a partner, then buckle up for the ride of a lifetime! If one time down the mountain isn’t enough, you’ll be excited to know that re-rides are available at a discounted rate!

3. Ski Mountain Coaster

Enjoy a relaxing 1,000-foot ride to the top of a mountainside before embarking on your journey back down on the Ski Mountain Coaster! This exhilarating mountain coaster is located at the popular Ober Gatlinburg amusement park and is the ultimate family experience for all ages. Control the speed of your sled along 2,750 feet of zig-zags, dips, corkscrews and other elements in a race to the finish line! The coaster carts have been designed for rider comfort and feature higher backrests and shorter brake levers for easier handling and control.

Now you know more about the mountain coasters in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Check out more exciting Gatlinburg attractions you can visit during your vacation!